Women's Club Section

The Women’s section of the Beecroft Bowling & Recreation Club Limited is affiliated with the New South Wales Women’s Bowling Association Inc. A committee of the Women’s Club is elected annually on the first Tuesday of August, to represent the bowling members.  Beecroft Women’s Club is in the Northern Suburbs District Women’s Bowling Association of which we have 2 Delegates go to their monthly meeting.

Our Patron is Barbara Bell, elected by the Committee. The committee comprises of a President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, committee members and a Bowls Organiser who arranges club fixtures for the season. A Selection committee under the guidance of a Chairman of Selectors arranges social play on playing days. A Social Organiser helps with the organising of social events throughout the year.

The Women’s Club Committee Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month.


You can view News of the draw and results of current Ladies championships from this page: News

Current Women's Club Members Photo

Back Row: S. Maxwell, J. Dobrovits, I. Hilditch, D. Kidd, E. Farr, M. Short, J. Thorp, M. Gray, D. Franklin, C. Tindale,    L. Thornewell, K. McNaught, J. Hartshorn, D. Harrison, P. Brooks, N. Davis, P. Taylor, D. Bonaccorso

3rd Row: A. Hick, C. Galvin, N. Biggers, M Rocher, B. Lam, P. Ward, B. Brasier, B. Robertson, R. Willmore,               G. Harrison, R. Ritchie, H. Hynd, D. Gilmour, A. Harrison, C. Simmonds, H. McLeod, S. Butler,     N. Arnott, L. Hines

2nd Row: F. Ritchie, S. Wallis, B. Fuller, J. Morris (President), B. Bell (Patron), J. Cross, M. Howell, J. Hunter

Front Row: P. Godoy, L. Beaumont, L. Saville, B. Chalmers, B. Wood

Bowls Days

The Women’s section has social bowls on Tuesdays, with games commencing at 9.30am. The women can also play on Jackpot Pairs day which is a mixed event and held every second Thursday afternoon. Starting time is 1pm in winter and 2pm in summer.

Saturday social bowls is for both men and women and begins at 12.30pm.

On all social bowls days, with the exception of the first 6 months for new members, members are required to wear the complete club uniform.

Bowls Recess

The Women’s Club has a Christmas and Club Presentation Luncheon on the second Tuesday in December and then has a break resuming on the second Tuesday of January each year.

Women's Club Uniform

A blue club shirt, which can be purchased from the club, with junior navy or white skirts, shorts, culottes, pedal pushers or slacks. Headwear must be white but is optional. However, it is strongly advised by the Cancer council that headwear is worn.

Women's Club Competitions

The bowls organiser sets out dates for each event at the beginning of the year.

Results of competitions for the past 5 years can be downloaded here: 

2012 - Winners_2012_Women_club_championships.pdf

2011 - Winners_2011_Women_club_championships.pdf

2010 - Winners_2010_Women_club_championships.pdf 

2009 - Winners_2009_Women_club_championships.pdf

2008 - Winners_2008_Women_club_championships.pdf


Descriptions and eligiblity for Women's club competitions follows:

Major Singles: Open to all bowls members.

Major Pairs: Open to all bowls members.

Major Triples: Open to all bowls members. Entries in this competition are comprised of three bowlers; a Lead, Second and a Skip.

Major Fours: Open to all bowls members. Entries in this competition are comprised of four bowlers; a Lead, Second, Third and a Skip.

Minor Singles: Only open to bowls members who have not won a Major Singles club championship or the Minor Singles club competition.

Graded Pairs: Open to all bowls members. This is a team event comprising a Lead and a Skip. Each Skip must have been a winner in a Major club competition.


Pennants competitions are conducted by District Match Committee for and on behalf of the NSWWBA Match committee. There are four grades of Pennants, namely numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. All club members are encouraged to put their names forward for selection in a team. Closing time is usually mid November then the final teams will be picked by the Selectors. District Pennants usually starts from February/March through to April/May each year. Beecroft has been able to enter 2 teams each year.

In 2008 the Grade 2 team won and were presented with a District Flag. The 4’s team was runner up.

Left to right: Barbara Wood, Shirley Butler, Edith Farr, Carol Tindale, Isabel Hilditch, Jan Morris, Hazel Turner, Lesley Hines

In 2009 our Grade 2 team was promoted to Grade 1 which was very stiff competition. The Grade 4's was once again a runner up but lost only after a count back.  Both teams played extremely well.

In 2010 No.2 Pennant Team won their division with 34 total points, second place to Asquith A with 30 points. The teams consisted of Carol Tindale. Hazel Turner, Edith Farr, Barbara Wood and Isabel Hilditch, Jan Morris, Merryl Gray, Rhonda Willmore.  During the Pennant matches Isabel Hilditch’s team scored maximum points on one end, making them the proud owners of an eight point pin.






The No.4 Pennant Team also won their division after two years of being runners up. With 35 points these ladies played well from the start and created a real challenge for the other teams.  Two Pennant Hills teams tied for 2nd place on 15 points. The teams consisted of Shirley Butler, Peg Ward, Dorothy Bonacorrso, Coleen Simmonds, Margaret Rocher, Judy Thorp, Lesley Hines, Nola Biggers, and Nan Arnott.

In 2012 we had three Pennant's teams. Our Grade 2 team came 3rd, Grade 3 came 4th, and Grade 4 came 4th. All teams played very well against strong opposition.


The Ladies are all very excited our Number 3 Pennant Team has won the District Pennant Flag. Well done girls we are proud of you. The players involved in no set order were Dawn Harrison, Jill Hartshorn, Gwen Harrison, Edith Farr, Judy Thorp, Nola Biggers, Isabel Hilditch, Rhonda Willmore, Pam Godoy, Margaret Turner and Nola Biggers. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. Rhonda had injured her shoulder and was substituted in a few games.


Our Ladies had the following results for Pennants in 2014.

Grade 2 - 2nd

Grade 3 - 2nd

Grade 4 - 3rd

Grade 5 - WINNERS - Congratulations to Carol Galvin, Dianne Franklin, Pam Godoy and Diana Gilmour.